Jean's All Natural Massage Remedy for stretch marks removal

Get Results like this from the privacy of your own home
With  Verity stretch marks cream, in combination with a simple massage

stretch marks removal before and after photos

These amazing stretch marks removal before and after photos are not the results of costly laser surgery but strictly from Jean's stretch marks removal home massage remedy. This is all done by yourself in the privacy of your own home. What you need is to apply a simple skin massage once in a while, and apply the Verity Botanical Butters Cream for Stretch Marks and Scar Removal daily. You can expect to see visible results in as little as days, not months.

These photos above were submitted to me from my customer Megan G. You can see that not only did she remove almost all her stretch marks, she was able to flatten and tighten her stomach and lose inches from the massage. "Losing inches and toning of the body" is just one of the many nice "side effects" of the massage remedy applied on the affected areas. People generally will end up with a tighter and toner body after a few months on the program. Average speaking one can expect to start to see visible results after only a few sessions, some people even saw visible improvements overnight (read the testimonials and reviews). These are some of the results to expect:

reduce, minimize, even completely eliminate stretch marks and minor scars
reduce, minimize, even completely eliminate the dimpled and cottage cheese appearance in skin, also known as cellulite
tone and tighten the skin and body in the treated area therefore lose inches around the waist, buttocks and thighs,
help with removing wrinkles and repair loose skin
help with removing ingrown hair, body acne, uneven skin tone, etc.
Some ladies reported improvement in the shape and the size of their breasts,
Will fade or remove tattoos so don't use it on tattooed areas if you wish to preserve the tattoos.

   New review from the Netherlands:

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From: Evone Roos Faria
To: Jean
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2014 3:39 AM

Subject: RE: delivery for your order

Hi Jean,
I want to thank you for inventing the stretch mark cure. It is amazing, the results are great. I love it!
Just after the second scrub massage application i could see improvement already.
I use it on my belly, hips and thighs and the stretchmarks are much lighter and shallower.
Also i noticed that my stomach is smaller and tighter.
I live in Netherlands and i never could find a cure for my stretchmarks, so now i don't have to try whatever kind of cream or treatment anymore. I'm just gonna keep using your stretchmarkcure and i will spread the word.

A very grateful user from the Netherlands.

Click About/Contact Jean to find out more about me, my personal struggles with stretch marks, and how I came up with this program, and my own before and after photos from the program. Here is a preview:

                               stretch marks removal treatment before photo  stretch marks removal treatment after photos by Jean

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 Below are unaffiliated, independent reviews from actual users and customers. Please start with my customer Joy Earle's photo blog:

Her email to me:

I used your kit since  March 2011 after my daughter was born and my stretchmarks have significantly faded. I took before/after pictures and put your kit on my blog with the pictures and links to your kit. I will do another blog post in April and list your kit again along with my pictures. Here is the link to the 2013 post, just scroll down to the section for the 'products used during the postpartum period': ...

Thanks so much for such a great product!

A sample of the many testimonials from real users/customers. Individual results may vary

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From: "Lorena Herrera" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 7:53 AM


I had to email you. I DID IT! I used your system last night for the very first time after reviewing the book time and time again and putting it off in the thought that I may end up disappointed. I was SOOOOO WRONG! As I told you before, I have many areas to cover so I started in one of the most visible spots that I would like to expose by summer--- the under part of my arm, my actual underarms, and going down to my breast area. The skin was discolored, dark, the stretch marks were only more obvious in a silver/white color. The worst ones on my underarms were wide and deep. The other parts were deeper but not as severe. Anyway, they were very obvious. No matter how far I stood from the mirror in ANY ANGLE toward ANY LIGHTING you could see them. I'd run my hand across my skin and it was constant indentation of my skin.

WELL LET ME TELL YOU--I did the treatment late last night. Went to bed around midnight. I woke up this morning at 7:00 AM, looked in the mirror. I GOT AMAZING RESULTS!!! For starters, the wider stretch marks definitely got thinner in width. ALL the stretch marks were more raised to the skin as I ran my hand across, and there is only minor denting in the skin. The discolored dark skin is only a smidge away from being the same color as my natural skin tone. You can see them but they are dramatically faded already---not even 12 hours. Did I mention this is right up close to the mirror and in sunlight. The better thing that I know there are major improvements is that I stood far from the mirror and you
can't even see them anymore except for a few slight ones. And from far, my
skin looks all the same color. The only way I can see any of them is close up to the mirror with the sun light shining in on that window. You have been so responsive to my emails. So I figured I could email you with my exciting,
10-12 hour update =) THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Will keep you posted.

* "Well yes this remedy is incredible. I would love you to use the following as my testimonial!

I am 19 years old and I went through a rapid weight gain about two years ago due to stress. I got red thick stretch marks on my upper stomach a few on each side of my lower stomach and my back I also had white thin ones on my underarms. So as you can imagine I became extremely upset with this at being 19 and it happening within a year! I was told that stretch marks can not be cured and I came across so many websites that promised results but seemed unrealistic and too good to be true. One day I came across your website and I was extremely impressed. BUT I was so skeptical! I tried it a few months ago and didn't get results over night and I thought that I would be one of these people it didn't work for. Over the next month I noticed that my stretch marks were fading dramatically after that one session. I started it again properly just under a month ago on just my upper and lower abdominal and one of my under arms. Not only has my skin become a lot smoother the red stretch marks are fading and decreasing in length and width! I don't want to get ahead of myself but I am sure that I will be able to one day get these marks 95% gone. I am writing this for all the women and men who are having second thoughts You HAVE to try it because if you do it right you will have success. Don't be discouraged if you do not find the results appear over night and it does take longer to get results with the more mature stretch marks. So start it straight away and you will be such a happier and confident person! Jean you are a blessing!"
M. K.

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To: <>
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 8:39 AM
Subject: Wow!
Hello Jean-
I wanted to just write and tell you how excited I am. I have given birth to four beautiful children. The consequence however, was loss of elasticity and stretch marks from the Xiphoid process all the way to the pubic region and laterally around each of my sides. They are horrible, and I am only 29 years old. This can pose a lot of psychological stress no matter your age.

I just wanted to let you know that I ordered the E-book, I went through it twice that night. It all made perfect sense. I work at a skin care office, doing peels and such, on a daily basis. Peels are an office procedure to more deeply exfoliate the skin. Clients can see a reduction in hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sun/age spots, & acne scarring. If this works on the face, it is reasonable to assume it will work on other areas of the body. Why didn't that ever occur to me before? ...LOL... I find your regimen to be a safe and effective way of getting these same results. I also find that the few items needed are cost effective and very easy to find.

I followed the instructions the next night after I received the e-book. The next morning I awoke to a healthier more supple abdomen. Some of the fine line (form the looseness of the skin) are greatly reduced. And some of the very fine stretch marks already looked better. Again, I am very excited to see in 3 to 6 months, how much better my abdominal skin will be. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and helping so many to be able to be stretch mark free and improve the overall health of their skin.
Visitor Ip: 66.35.152.xx

* From: "Tumay" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 1:10 PM
Subject: Hey Jean=)

Hey there!

I am SO happy with the results of the remedy that I had to write to you.. I always had hated my stretch marks. But this summer (summer 2008) they REALLY freaked me out. I realized I couldn't stand seeing them anymore. They were all over my thighs, my upper legs and sides of my stomach. So as soon as I arrived home, from our vacation in which I had to wear a bikini, I started to search the stretch-removal techniques. I saw lots of creams, to be honest they were all so unrealistic. and the other choice- laser. Just when I thought I had to go through all that pain and spends lots of money - I saw you website!

I'm on the stage two now and my stretch marks are already 70% gone. even the deepest and the widest ones look so much better now. And I know they will get better as I go on with the treatment.

Thank you very much. Although we often forget how precious and amazing our bodies are- this remedy reminded me how my own body could renew itself through natural treatments. It was , and is, amazing to see the change day by day.

Tumay, Istanbul

What users say about Jean's method:

* "Dear Jean,

My stretch marks are fading fast. I'm no longer embarrassed by then. I've had them for about 10 years. When I was 18 I had my son. I only weighed 85 pounds when I got pregnant and I gained 50 pounds during the course of my pregnancy. Although I lost all the weight 2 months after giving birth I was left with deep stretch marks on my hips, thighs and buttocks. My breasts were engorged from an IV they had me on for 4 days. (I had complications after giving birth.) My breasts bruised and I had very large and deep stretch marks on my breasts. Before this I had a very nice body. I was devastated. I used to look at my body in the mirror and cry. I wouldn't even let my husband see me naked anymore. Since then I have went through a divorce and a string of boyfriends. And each time I feel like I have to explain my stretch marks to the man I'm seeing. I hate it. My last boyfriend would comment on my marks on a regular basis. I've tried other products out there and nothing has worked. After using your product for 3 weeks I started seeing amazing results. The marks on the hips and thighs are thin lines. I can actually wear a bathing suit and not be embarrassed. The ones on my breasts are smaller and not as deep. They will probably take more time. But they look so much better. And best of all I feel so much better about my body. Thank-you so much for this product. I have told so many people about this. They are amazed at the difference.
Thank you,

Beth Wagner"

* "I cannot believe that I would get results this fast. I have seen a difference overnight.
I have a four year old child and have to admit the my abdominal and pelvic area was
a mess looked like a truck ran over my abdomen and backed up and ran over me again. I have tried Strivectin at $135 a bottle waste of money seriously it did nothing, tried carols daughter scar butter didn't do better then came Mederma at $18 a tube tried Avon stretch mark smoother because I decided If I cannot get rid of them I would try to make them look best as possible. I was so depress and lost my confidence, this placed a hard time on my relationship and the way that I felt about myself overall. The last resort was to try laser therapy and came across this method. I have to admit my first taught was what does this girl know that highly trained dermatologist cannot figure out. Well at only 15 dollars I decided to try it. I ordered the ebook at four in the morning. Found all the ingredients in the bathroom. Tried it the very next night. After rinsing the product off my body. I saw a definite change. To convince myself that I was not fooling myself I asked my boyfriend what he taught and he agree that there was a great change. Thanks so much for this ebook. Can't wait to see the future results.

--J. New York, NY"

* Dear Jean:

After having 3 children and only being in my 20s I was depressed. Everybody kept telling me what a fantastic figure I have and there is nothing wrong with me, but I got obsessed with asking women who had children if they had stretch marks most did but that still did not help. I had been looking on the net at all different ways to tackle my stretch marks, they were to expensive or not in this country, then I came across your web page. Something told me to carry on reading ,my husband said that it was just the same as all the others, but I said the pictures were to real. I bought the Ebook and all I can say is that Jean you are my fairy godmother.

"I bought most of the products in our local supermarket and started straight away. After the first application I could see results and could not believe them. I have now been using the products for nearly 2 months and can not get over how much they have faded. I am actually looking forward to wearing a bikini this summer so thank you.

Natalie, England

* "I am so excited right now with the results I am seeing lately that I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am to have come across your page. I have been on the program less than 2 months and I cannot believe how much firmer, smoother, smaller and better by buttocks/thighs look and feel. I can't stop looking myself in the mirror. I have lost inches around that area to the point that I need to go buy new work clothes because my dress pants don't fit me. You are a miracle worker and I am sure you hear this a lot, but I am so grateful that you decided to share your secrets with the public. I still have long way to go, but I can't wait until it looks good enough to the point where I will actually have the courage to show the before picture and show off the "actual" look to my friends/family. Not sure if you remember, but no one has (seen) my legs after I had my twin boys besides my husband.

He makes so many compliments about my butt and legs now and how great it looks and feels. I cannot believe I am actually writing and feeling all of this. My English is limited since its my second language but I wish I could open my heart and let you see how happy and more confident your cure has made me and I can only imagine the times to come.


Take care, Andrea P.

* "I started using the stretch mark cure without any real expectations but my philosophy is "Leave no stone unturned." I have to admit that at first I was discouraged since it turned out that I was one of those people whose stretch marks looked worse after the exfoliation and application of creams.
I sort of lost interest in the treatment but did continue sporadically. After a few months I can honestly say that the stretch marks on my front upper thighs are just about completely gone! The only time they are visible is right after I do the exfoliation and creams and even then they are barely visible. I had these stretch marks for quite some time since losing 20 lbs. and have done nothing different other than using this method. If you are like me and they look worse in the beginning stages do not stop the treatment! It is well worth it when the results kick in. It's just amazing to me that the cure for these unsightly marks is so simple and yes I have tried other treatments such as the well known creams with no visible results. Thanks so much for allowing me to give a testimonial on a treatment the actually works!

Marina S.

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