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A discussion about Derma Roller for stretch marks removal March 05 2015

Derma Roller for stretch marks removal

I have received a number of questions regarding Derma Roller, and whether it is effective for treating stretch marks. I have looked into it and here is my personal opinion.

Derma Roller, for those of you not familiar with it, is a small roller studded with many tiny sharp metal needles. By pressing and rolling the Derma Roller against the skin you literally make tiny shallow puncture holes in the skin. The theory behind it is sound. Our body is an amazing healing machine. What does the body do when it perceives injury on itself? It would initiate a healing response. In this case, when skin gets punctured it would accelerate the skin tissue regeneration, collagen production. In essence the same principle applies to all stretch marks treatments, from laser surgery, microdermation, chemical peel, to my humble home massage remedy for stretch marks removal.

So in theory Derma Roller should work for stretch marks, as well as for other skin imperfections like acne scars, hyperpigmentation, minor wrinkles, etc.  Like laser surgery, microdermation, chemical peel and my home massage remedy, they all should work. it is a matter of how practical they are. Now let's take a look from the practical stand point.

Since you literally make puncture wounds in the skin, depends on your tolerance level, it could be very painful, probably too painful for some. I bought one for this discussion purpose I have to say the needles look quite intimidating. I endured the pain and tried it on a patch of skin. The skin turned bright red and there was an inflammatory response it looked slightly swollen afterwards. The good news is there was no bleeding in my case, which I heard some people experienced. I also heard that some people had adverse reaction with infection and break outs, so I carefully disinfected the skin and the needles with alcohol before use, no problem there. I used it only once because honestly there was too much discomfort and pain I am apprehensive about it. I heard that some people use a skin anesthetic to dull the pain and it worked out well for them but I am not willing to go that far since I have easier alternatives.

Now let's assume you can overlook the pain and discomfort, now we have another issue with how much time and effort it takes. The roller is tiny. It is probably good for small areas, such as spot treating small wrinkles and acne scars. It would probably work if you only have stretch marks on isolated small areas on the body (again, assuming you can control the pain, and be diligent with sanitizing disinfecting the skin and equipment). Most people with stretch marks have them on large patches of skin, commonly the entire abdominal area, lower back, buttocks, legs and thighs, breasts area and on the upper arms. Imagine how much time and effort it would take to cover all these areas with the tiny derma roller, and how long you have to endure the pain and discomfort.

The verdict: The Derma Roller is worth a try on small areas, but not practical for densely populated stretch marks.


1) based on sound and proven to work theory: the body heals itself; give it a little jab, get a reaction from it, help it heal. So I would say 9 out of 10 it will work. I would recommend giving it a try for small and isolated areas. For example if you only have a few lines on the biceps, go ahead and try it. I would not recommend it on the sensitive areas though, unless you use a skin anesthetic.

2) low cost. They cost between 10 to 30 bucks by themselves. For stretch marks please go for the ones with the most needles you can find, it would still take forever though. However, you would need to follow up with skin care products, so add that to the cost as well; plus the cost for skin anesthetics if needed-a descent one will cost a bundle. 


1) It causes more pain and discomfort than an average person could endure

2) Since you literally puncture the skin there is chance of infection and other adverse reaction like rashes and breakouts. Make sure you disinfect the equipment and skin really well.

3) Not practical for treating large areas and massive densely populated stretch marks.

Now please consider using my massage remedy instead. It is based on the same principle on the body's self healing ability, except you never really cause any true injury to the skin. I will teach you how to apply just the right amount of exfoliation and stimulation to initiate the body's healing reaction, without actually hurting it by any means. It is simple and comfortable to use, and you can cover the whole body with ease. The super rich healing cream is included in the kit together with the massage tools therefore no additional cost after you get the complete kit.  The kit costs only $47.00 dollars, or you can get a basic kit for $42.00,  probably the cheapest stretch marks remedy you can find anywhere, AND actually works!

*This is my personal opinion on the Derma Roller for stretch marks treatment, for your reference only. Please form your own opinion by your own researches. 

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A case of over exfoliation July 01 2014

I received this message a little while ago. There were 2 questions in the message I will address the other question in a different blog post. Here is the part about exfoliation:

"Hi Jean, I've been using medical grade crystals to exfoliate for over six months, daily hard core exfoliating massage with these crystals. They have not worked on my stretch marks. Do you think your system will even be strong enough if the medical crystals did not work? I just got your system yesterday and did my first session, I have not seen any difference. "

It is no wonder this practice did not work on the stretch marks. It is never a good thing for skin to be forcefully exfoliate everyday, even with a mild exfoliator, let alone for 6 straight months with medical grade exfoliator. When trying to cure stretch marks with exfoliation, it is not a matter of how strong the exfoliator is or how deep and hard you exfoliate, It is a matter of how to help skin optimize it's own ability to regenerate and to heal, and in the process making skin healthier and stronger. Over exfoliation actually weakens the skin and inhibits the normal process of skin regeneration and build up.

As I indicated in the application manual for my massage remedy: never ever exfoliate everyday, don't over exfoliate or under exfoliate either. Apply the massage as suggested, give just the right amount of exfoliation and stimulation, together with the powerful Verity stretch marks cream,  help skin do its own good work. Average speaking a person can expect to see noticeable improvement after only 2-3 sessions.

What to do if your stretch marks were caused by birth control pills/shots June 26 2014

I get this question a lot.

Many women were shocked after they realized that their birth control methods might have been the direct cause for their developing stretch marks. In a panic they wanted to abruptly change or stop using their contraception choices, hoping to by doing that they will be able to stop new stretch marks from developing. This, however, may do just the opposite. 

As we have discussed in the "common causes of stretch marks" page, stretch marks are almost always caused by hormonal problems. In order to prevent pregnancy common birth control pills/shots inevitably change the body's hormonal activities. Every woman's body react to these changes differently. Unfortunately some developed stretch marks because of it. As I have mentioned on the website, for women who are already genetically susceptible to developing stretch marks, these sudden hormonal changes to the body might trigger this problem. 

In that regard it is not a good idea to abruptly change or stop your current birth control pills/shots, because by doing that the body is put through yet another sudden change or shock, which might in turn cause even more stretch marks. In addition to stretch marks, there may be other problems such as acne, weight gain, mood swing etc.

So my suggestion is that you should never abruptly stop or change your contraception methods on your own. Instead, stay with it for the time being, do a lots of research and consult your doctor for options.